Want to know how we craft impactful new partnerships,
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Explore our downloadable one-pagers and background material on C&M International,
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CMI Background

Snippet_CMI Overview

CMI Company Overview

Background on C&M International – who we are, how we work, and our results.

Snippet_CMI Asia Pacific

CMI Asia Pacific

Background on CMI's Singapore office and our long track record of impactful work in the Asia-Pacific region.

Snippet_CMI APEC


Our unique history, experience, and expertise in leveraging the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum as the region's premier economic policymaking platform.


Global Health

Snippet_CMI Global Health

CMI Global Health

Our portfolio of initiatives and outcomes on behalf of innovative biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies, industry associations, and public health organizations.

Snippet_Future of Health

Future of Health Policy Roadmap

Policy recommendations from C&M International on digital health, health data, and emerging technologies.


Global Trade & Investment

Snippet_CMI Supply Chain

CMI Supply Chain & Trade Policy

Our unparalleled expertise in leveraging free trade agreements and trade policy to deliver supply chain efficiencies and costs savings.

Snippet_CMI Sustainability

CMI Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Our work in international policymaking venues on marine debris, environmental issues, and corporate sustainability initiatives.